Taç Set


  • The inner side is 18 mm melamine coated chipboard
  • 250 kg load-bearing capacity in single bed bases and 500 kg in double bed bases for the inner side
  • Bearing covers and sidewalls are 5 mm MDF
  • 175 kg load-bearing capacity in single bed bases and 350 kg in double bed bases for the bearing covers
  • 6 decorative bed risers in single bed bases and 12 in double bed bases
  • High strength steel frame
  • 750 Newton latched damper with security lock.
  • 5 years guarantee.


130 pc/m2 steel spring construction
We create a stronger Mattress frame by increasing the amount of Bonnell spring per square meter.

Standard density foam in 4 sections
We support the four sections of the Bonnell spring frame of your Mattress with foam to provide a more outstanding comfort.

6 cm high-density side foam
We enclose the frame of your bed with 6 cm thick foam, in this way, your Mattress is protected against sagging and deformation when sat on the bedsides.

1500 gr/m2 Thermofelt hard felt
We support the area between the Bonnell spring frame and upper Mattress foam with hard felt, in this way, the springs do not deform and damage the foam.

5-layer standard medium-density feather foam
The sleep section of your bed is supported with 5-layer foam for extra comfort.

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